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At True North, we have assembled a team of the best designers, builders, and project managers the industry has to offer to provide exceptional quality in every service we provide.

Founded in Edmonton, Alberta, we have traveled throughout Canada, from the oilsands to the Northwest Territories delivering high-quality scaffolding and site services.

About Us

Our Services

Our services span the full life-cycle of a construction project.

From initial site fencing and washcars, necessities such as scaffold stairtowers and waste bins, to complex access scaffolds and containment systems.

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Our Partners

A team is as capable as the partners it allies itself with.

Our mission is to build deep relationships with our clients, broaden our service offerings, and enable our presence to deliver the very best results for our stakeholders.
Reliability and accountability are the keys to our collective success.

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What We Do


We offer a variety of commercial and industrial scaffold solutions to meet the requirements of any project.
From simple access scaffolds to complex roof systems and containment, our team of experts can build it all.


Our insulation team specializes in the temperature containment of a variety of pipework, tanks, vessels, and other industrial equipment.

Site Services

Our site services team assists construction companies, project managers, and event producers find solutions for all their job site and waste service requirements.

Sanitary Facilities

What most people see as an ongoing nuisance, we look at as a vital component to the morale of a project’s workforce.

The difference in workplace attitudes can change dramatically when you have clean, modern, and well-maintained sanitary facilities. We handle all the interior cleaning, pumping the waste tanks, and restocking of supplies.

Site Fencing

Our site fences are the perfect solution for site control, directing crowds, or closing off areas during construction or special events. Temporary site fences offer a secure and safe solution that is simple and affordable to install and is customizable to suit your needs.

If you are looking for temporary fencing, our site services team can help with your project.

Waste Bins

From small-to-large construction projects to industrial and oil and gas developments, we help contractors and businesses organize their job sites.

We have waste bins and storage containers to suit every project.

Need Pricing? Check Out Our Calculators.

We have built calculators for:

  • Stairtowers & Garbage Chutes
  • Overhead Protection
  • Site Fencing
  • Washcars & Sanitary Facilities
  • Waste Bins

Core Team

Our Partners

Industrial Scaffold Access with Stair Tower, Shrink Wrap and Garbage Chute

Industrial Site Facade Access Shrink Wrap Garbage Chute Stair Tower

Industrial Mechanical Ducting Access Scaffold, Stairtower, & Shoring

Scaffolding Safety Practices: How To Stay Safe When Working From Height

Safety is the number one priority when working at height.

Following these scaffolding safety practices are key to preventing accidents and injuries.

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